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by Muhammad Furqan
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Our health, education, transportation, finance etc. create humongous amount of data which keeps on increasing exponentially, in the form of Big Data, encompassing every link with flow of data in single or both directions. All futuristic technologies are dependent on each other through complex interlinked matrices formed by data traffic, making these links most important part of the matrices which keep expanding, creating further nodes and links. These links are the data communication pathways between users and things, depending upon the applications. Data can be communicated through multiple wired and wireless media. However, the unprecedented growth in data traffic cannot be served through existing and planned terrestrial communication networks. The answer to expand the limits of communication infrastructure is the 6th Generation of Mobile Communication in the form of upcoming Lower Earth Orbit – High Throughput Satellites (LEO-HTS) constellations of multiple service providers. These constellations will complement existing and planned terrestrial networks with the added advantages of lower latency with global coverage.

6G, 7G Mobile Communications and LEO-HTS Constellations:

Datellite with considerable knowledge base, and technical analyses of the development of future communications of 6th and 7th generation mobile communications through upcoming LEO-HTS (Lower Earth Orbit – High Throughput Satellites) constellations of more than 10,000 satellites from OneWeb (Virgin Group, Qualcomm, Softbank), SpaceX, Boeing, LeoSat and possibly Samsung. .

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