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Aircraft Designing

by Muhammad Furqan

Hardware Software Integration

We use tried and tested F.A.A approved software for Aircraft and Simulators as a baseline. The software has operational characteristics such as wind speed and direction; wind a loft, wind shear, precipitation and many other atmospheric conditions. To navigation procedures, map reading, ATC dialogue, mission planning, engine startup and shut down procedures, in flight failures and a multiple of other operational characteristics are standard features.

Aircraft Simulators

- Training Aircraft
- Transport Aircraft
- Helicopter
- Fighter Aircraft

Functions of simulators

- Multi Aircraft Configurable
- Limited time warranty
- Low Acquisition cost perfect for VFR, ILS, and Autopilot takeoff
- CDU displays
- Pilot Evaluation

Emergency procedures

- High and Low visibility, with various weather conditions
- Realistic and accurate satellite imaginary
- Night vision

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