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by Muhammad Furqan

A flight simulator artificially simulates aircraft flight in various environments and conditions. Also known as Flight Training Device (FTD), Aviation Training Device (ATD), or Full Flight Simulator (FFS), they is used primarily to augment pilot training. This is because it is not always safe or practical for student pilots to train in adverse conditions. For example, you can experience variations in air density, wind shear, turbulence, clouds, and precipitation. Sims let you fly in all types of weather conditions. Flight training in a sim allows pilots to practice difficult maneuvers. Also, you can simulate flight at airports all around the world. Flight instructors can observe student pilots’ reactions to these factors. In other words, they check students’ application of flight controls and the effects of other aircraft systems. Epic Flight Academy’s fleet includes flight simulators to provide safe training conditions and reduce costs for students.

Tthe FAA categorizes them as full flight simulators (FFS), flight training devices (FTD), and aviation training devices (ATD). Criteria are fully explained in the FAA Advisory Circular 61-136A, FAA Approval of Aviation Training Devices and Their Use for Training and Experience.

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